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Last week I went to Copenhagen with my bestie Stine. She was raging on and on about this brand called Amazing Space. Apparently they had a clinic in Copenhagen so after a short search we fount it at D’anglaterre. Originally I wasn’t going to buy anything, considering that I already have more than enough products in my skin routine, so I quickly found a chair in the back of the room while Stine was talking to the skin specialist there – This was my attempt to stay out of temptation. Ofcourse i failed completely!

It didn’t take long before I was right next to Stine picking out my favourites. The hard part was choosing which I also failed at, so I ended up walking out of there with 3 different facial masks. Stine just laughed at me but she wasn’t really surprised.

Heres the thing – this is THE BEST investment I’ve done in a while. 

Here’s two of the three maskes I bought. I recommend using them after each other for the best result.

Miracle Mask – Deep Micropeel Effect
The key ingredient in this mask is white Hibiscus. White Hibiscus is actually also called the “botox plant”, if that doesn’t make you curious enough, here’s a little extra info. Hibiscus has a reputation for increasing skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth-boost. With the incredible ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin, Hibiscus actively combats the ageing process by firming and lifting your skin. It is super rich in antioxidants and can even purify your complexion (if you are suffering from pigmentation in your face like me, this is your saviour)

I saw a change in my skin after only using it once, that doesn’t really occur often. I’ve used it several times now and I can honestly say that my complexion is even, my pores are tiny, my blackheads have disappeared and my skin looks absolutely radiant. This is by far the best Micropeeling I’ve ever tried.

My only recommendation is not to use it if you have very sensitive skin. Your skin will be a bit red afterwards and while using it you might feel a slight tingeling feeling. I didn’t find it bad at all but if your skin is sensitive this product might be a bit to harsh for your skin.

Beauty Sleep Mask – Face, eye & neck cure
After using the miracle mask i put on the Beauty Sleep Mask. Wow, this mask really smells exactly like you imagine the scent in the most luxurious SPA. It turns my bathroom into my own SPA zone. I apply the beauty sleep mask on my face, eyes and neck (dont forget your neck girls, wrinkles and loose skin will appear here faster than you know it!)
The beauty mask instantly calms my skin down. You’re supposed to sleep with this mask and wash it off in the morning. I first thought that I would feel greasy all night, but thats really not the case. The mask is based on Phyto-hormons and papain-enzymes which refines and smooths your skin. Its literally what I would call a beauty booster. I always wake up and my skin feels the way it did when I was 18!

I use both of them twice a week which is perfect for me.

If you are going to buy only a couple of skincare products this year, these two are what I would get. It doesn’t even compare to what I’ve tried before. Please do however remember to use a sunscreen with appropriate SPF, your skin will be more prone to the sun when using the micro peel.

What’s your skintone?


I still get surprised every time im talking about buying makeup or clothes that goes with my cold skintone and my friends go like huh? Seriously, if you haven’t figured out your skin tone by now, you need to asap!

Ever wondered why some makeup doesn’t look good on you, but looks amazing on your friend? Why some shades of blonde or brunette for that matter makes you look washed out and other makes your face and eyes pop? It’s your skin tone.

No matter how tan or pale you are your skin tone will still be cold, warm or (very rare) neutral.
You can be super tan and still be a cold skin tone, or the other way around.
Basically this is the rule, if you are a warm skintone warm colors looks great on you. You will look radiant with warmer hair colors, like golden blonde or a caramel brunette. This goes for makeup and clothes as well. You will prefer a golden shirt over a silver one. Your makeup should be based on yellow or golden tones, when choosing a foundation it should have a golden base instead of a pink one.

For cool skin tones its the other way around. When dressing i definitely look the best in cool colors. If i even try to use a warm beige color I look like i’ve been down with he flu for two weeks. I still use bronzed makeup but I always make sure that its based on cooler shades of gold and brown. Some browns come with an ash tone which is an amazing match to cool toned girls, some golden bronzers might have a tiny bit of pink in them which makes them colder.
Girls with cold skin tones look amazing with cold haircolors. Think ash beige intead of caramel and cool blonde instead of golden.

At last you could be a Neutral, which means you look great in everything! (and we’re allowed to be jealous)

If you’re still confused, here’s a couple of questions that will solve the mystery for you.

1. Look at the inside of your wrist. What colour do your veins predominately appear?
More blue. (you’re cold)
More green. (you’re warm)

2. Place something gold on your hand or arm (like a shadow, liner, or piece of jewellery). Now, place something silver next to it. Which colour makes your skin look more alive?
The gold is pretty fabulous.
Silver all the way.

3. What happens to your skin when you are out in the sun without sunscreen?
It has a tendency to burn easily. (you’re most likely cold)
It has a tendency to tan easily. (you’re most likely warm)

Hope this determined your skintone, I might just have given you an excuse to go shop for a new wardrobe or new shades of makeup!

(PS. remember there is still exception that proves the rule, I still love my jewellery gold even though i definitely have a cool skintone)skin-tone1

Soleil Tan De Chanel Review


IMG_1831 IMG_1833IMG_1835


Not too long ago I picked up a bronzer I had been wanting to try for months. Im the type of beauty addict that reads multiple reviews before I buy anything new. Everyone that knows me would say I definitely dont need anymore bronzers/tinted moisturizers and golden hues in my collection but I just can’t get enough, I’m always on a search for something that will top what I already have in my beauty collection at home (which by the way my boyfriend complains about at least once a day).

So i picked up the Soleil Tan De Chanel which is an universal coloured very firm cream bronzer. Its supposed to be used as a Primer under foundation but from what I’ve come to know the most common way to use it, is as a bronzer alone. You may choose to use it on your entire face or simply where you want a bit of glow.

I like my bronzers to add a bit of shine, don’t get me wrong – I dont wan’t to look like a disco ball but i definitely appreciate a bit of “glow”.

First of all theres the texture –  I think its a little bit on the dry side, it’s very firm and it definitely takes a bit of blending for it to really melt in with your face.

The color is universal and definitely on the matte side. The shade is called universal which is supposed to work for everyone, but to be honest it doesn’t. This shade works well on warm skin-tones but on cooler skintones like myself the shade turns out to be a bit yellow’ish.

In the end this bronzer ended up in my Mom’s makeup bag(because the has a gorgeous warm skintone) she loves it! If you are a warm-toned bronze goddess, who like your bronzers on the matte side – give it a go!



I lived in London for two years, these are some pictures from my latest visit where we celebrated my Tinks birthday. Every time I go home I always crave my next visit. Im thinking late August

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