London Guide for University and Accomodation

A few of you have send me emails asking about London. A lot of the questions is where i studied and where I lived / how much you should expect to pay for flats and accommodation in general. I’ll try to give you a few tips which might narrow your questions down a bit.

Studieng in Londonregents

I took a degree in Global Business and Design Management from Regent’ University. I Transferred from a Danish University which meant that I only had to study at Regent’s for 3 semesters (1.5 years) in order to achieve a Bachelors degree. First of, the terms in the UK is a lot shorter compared to Scandinavia. Each semester is 12 weeks, which means long and hectic days. I do wish the terms were a bit longer in order to have more time for other things, but then again, it enables you to get internship’s and work experience in-between terms. It takes some time to get used to the the UK system, there’s a lot of essays and group assignments which almost always accounts for 50 or 100% of you grade in that specific subject. You have to learn how to write academic english which is very different from just writing normally. I did however really like it and I feel like I learned so much more from essays and group assignments rather than just having exams. Each term I had around 3-4 exams – they were heavy and in some of them you had to write 20-30 pages. What I found the hardest was math and all the financial subjects, i’m not really strong in those areas from the beginning so learning math and understanding it in a different language turned out to be a challenge.

The most important thing when you choose to study abroad, is to find a University that really suits you. I wanted diversity in terms of culture and I really got that at Regent’s. 97% of the students comes from all over the world and only 3% is from the UK. I made a lot of friends and they live in all parts of the world. This also enable you to develop a professional network throughout the world.

Tuition differs from university to university, but you should expect to pay between 7.000-10.000 pounds for a term. If you’re from Denmark and don’t have the opportunity to borrow the money from the state like Norwegians do, the has a great system where you can borrow the money for your tuition and pay it back over several years. Make sure to check the scholarship page of your preferred university, if you have good grades from previous studies you have a chance to receive a scholarship.

Living in London:


The hardest part – finding a place to live! London is crazy expensive, I think it’s one of the most expensive places to live in the world. Truth be told, you won’t find a room close to city center for less than 800 pounds, and then you’re lucky! I lived in 3 different places, Chelsea, Marylebone and Paddington where i payed around 1000 pounds a month for a small room. These are very popular places, thus a bit more expensive. For me it was important that my flat was close to my University in Regent’s park to avoid spending hours in the Tube. If you live in zone 3,4 or 5 instead you might find a room for around 500 punds, however the tube is expensive so take that into consideration as well. I recommend using an agency, since there is a lot of shady sites and landlords who just wants to trick you. Do NOT start looking for flats before you arrive in London, it’s impossible! Wait until you are there and make sure you have a couple of weeks to flat hunt. There’s also really great sites like and facebook groups where fellow scandi’s help each other out. London Swedes is founded by one of my friends (who’s so inspiring and hardworking) and this page has everything You need when moving to or living in London. 

This was my first post about London, if you want advise on where to go and what to see thats not your typical tourist attractions, just let me know and i’ll prepare something for you.


Sommerglød året rundt!


VIl du ha sommerglød året rundt? Her har du mine tips til hvordan du opnår dette! Håper dere liker videoen selvom jeg er super sliten etter flere dager med oppusing i den nye leiligheten. Jeg teller 15 vannblemmer på hendene og enda fler blåmerker.  Akkurat nå ser det helt krise ut i det som skal bli hjemmet mitt, men jeg håper virkelig jeg snart finner overskuddet til å være positiv. Jeg er sikker på at leiligheten blir kjempe fin, det føles bare som 1000 år frem i tid.

Skal oppdatere dere med bilder av processen så fort jeg får mulighet. Enn så lenge, hold ut med meg 🙂




Photoshoot with Björn Borg

kkkikk  kkj

Igår kveld fikk jeg en telefon fra Björn Borg som lurte på om jeg kunne stille som modell morningen etterpå. Jeg sa først nei og fortalte de at jeg ikke er veldig tynn eller veldig høy. Jeg angret ganske fort på den beslutningen og ringte de tilbake og sa JA! Det er veldig rart hvordan dagens kropspress påvirker oss jenter. Selv tenkte jeg at jeg aldri har brydd meg om akkurat det, men det gikk fort op for meg at grunnen til jeg sa nei var at jeg ikke følte meg “bra nok” – Jenter, det er bare teit! Ingen bør være redd for å stille til noe som helst, det burde ikke eksistere en “mal” på hvordan vi må se ut. Først var jeg ganske nervøs men etter et par bilder klarte jeg faktisk å slappe av og ha det gøy. Jeg er kjempe fornøyd med resultatet, dette var en fin opplevelse. Fotografen var også veldig oppmuntrende noe som hjalp veldig på nervende.

Dette er det første innlegget jeg skriver på norsk, selvom jeg er såpass bra i Norsk at folk lurer på om jeg er fra Sørlandet og ikke Danmark (ja, jeg er født og oppvokst i Danmark) så skriver jeg ikke perfekt Norsk.. enda! Håper det kommer etterhvert.


Late last night I got a call asking if I would do a Photoshoot with Björn Borg today, since their model got sick. I instantly said no and told them I’m too short and not skinny enough. Then 20 minutes later I called and said yes anyway, it’s so stupid that todays body pressure actually affect us girls so much. Why should I feel scared of a few closeups of my body just because i’m not super skinny and 180 inches tall. Anyways, the first 30 minutes of the shoot was nerve wrecking, i’m not used to this at all but after that I managed to loosen up a bit and have some fun with it. I’m really happy with the result 🙂

Photos by Anthony Huus

A guide to Rome


In Rome TripAdvisor became my best friend, I had so much good food however two places really amazed me – it wasn’t just a meal it was a cultural experience as well.

First of Gelato – theres gelato and then theres real gelato. Truth be told, I had my share of Gelato on this trip and I didn’t limit myself to one a day – I went completely bananas. After trying the Gelato at Gelateria del Teatro no other place would even compare. I would walk for miles just to get this Gelato. Good thing is that they dont close until midnight which means you can have one before AND after dinner 😉

The gelato is made the same day from the finest ingredients, there’s actually a window into their kitchen where you can see the magic happening. Believe me, you don’t wanna miss this place. No other place comes close and thats serious business coming from a Gelato lover like me.

Then there’s Le Jardin de Russie, This place is the “secret garden” which i mentioned in a previous entry. Realsticly it’s not that secret, and you do need a table reservation for dinner but it’ so worth it. It’s a bit expensive but you won’t regret it. The place is so romantic and beautiful – the food is a culinary experience and i’m sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as I did.

I did the whole tourist thing too, which included walking for miles and miles to see the Vatican, Colosseum, Old parts of Rome etc. I’m not gonna go into it, because if you’re going to Rome you probably already have an idea of what you want to see, however these two places above is something you need to experience. I miss it already, seriously I would go back just for the Gelato!


LVL lash lift review

This summer i’ve been trying not to wear makeup at all, I really wanted to give my skin, lashes and hair a proper break. Since I made myself a promise that I actually managed to keep during the summer, I decided to treat myself with the LVL lash lift i’d be wanting to try for months.

LVL stands for length, volume and lift. Its supposed to curl your lashes, give them a tint, more volume and length for 6-8 weeks. I have naturally long lashes and they are not too shabby in regards to volume either actually.

Here’s a picture of a great LVL lash lift (this is with no mascara, they’ve just been tinted)


Now, since this is an honest beauty blog I want to tell you about the less fortunate experiences as well.. First i loved this treatment But now i’ve changed my mind completely, my lashes are literally falling out like crazy after just a few weeks and I can count the once i haft left to 20 (an average person have around 80-100 lashes on each eye)

In other words, this is far more damaging than eyelash-extensions. I wish they would tell you so instead of writing “not damaging at all” but i guess that wouldnt do their business any good. This is my own personal experience, everyone might have different opinions but if you ask me, i wouldn’t do it again. Im starting out with an eyelash serum instead to make them grow back.

I guess im back to square one, my lashes definitely need a detox at this point.




Building A Home

liv1 Untitled-6

1st of September I bought my first home and it still feels completely surreal. I’ve been looking at more than a 100 flats, been in bidding rounds on more than 20 of them and spend numerous hours looking for a home. I had almost given up and then suddenly it happened – I had somewhere to call home. Renting and buying is two completely different things, when you buy something and invest millions, you want it to be perfect!

My flat is a classic flat with high ceilings, beautiful ceiling decorations and large rooms. However its a bit worn out since the current owner haven’t dont anything the past 20 years. I’m getting a whole new kitchen and bathroom, beautiful traditional wood floors and painting all the rooms. The decoration part is what im looking most forward to, above I’ve made a little inspiration board for you guys. Im in love with everything and it’s so hard to decide what I want to go for. Luckily I have amazing help in my mom who is an amazing interior designer along side my dad who is going to build my kitchen and bathroom. Parents really are the best!

Can’t wait to take you with me on my home building journey, im sure its going to be splendid!

Skin Rescue


I never really thought about skincare until I was 20, I never had a lot of problems with my skin so I’m very fortunate that way. It’s always been clear and I never had bad breakouts. Then when I turned 25 something happened, my skin turned a bit more dull, I started getting larger pores and I also experienced small breakouts. Im very strict about my evening skin care routine, but I couldn’t beat my enlarged pores, I just started getting more and more and my skin became uneven.

Then I started rinsing my face in the morning too, something I had been completely ignoring and It made an enormous difference. I bought a Clarasonic machine which really is a gem! I use it 3-4 times a week, everyday seems a bit too much for my skin. Even when i don’t use it I make sure to use a proper facial cleanser every evening and morning. Facial wipes won’t do it, you need a proper cleanser. I’m not going to recommend a specific brand because you can use whatever you like, just make sure the cleanser is made for you specific skin type. Good facial cleansers comes in different formulars tailored to oily, combination, dry or sensitive skin.

If you feel like spending a bit more money, I would definitely recommend investing in a Clarasonic machine.

clarisonic-mia2 copy

These pictures are not edited and Im not wearing any makeup except a lip balm, I just made the pictures in B/W so you get a more contrasted look at my skin. I have a lot of freckles and some pigment damage from living in San Diego (and not using proper SPF) but i definitely see an improvement in the evenness of my skin.


Hair tip: Salon Treatments At Home

If there’s one thing i’m extra sensitive about, it’s my hair. After a terrible color experince while I was living in San Diego a couple of years back I’ve been manic about treating my hair well. The experience included loosing my hair, all of it fell off and I went from long locks to super 3-inch short hair.

Anyways, I always felt like the hair treatments I got at the hairdresser was so much better than the once I bought for home use, eventhough I bought expensive brands. The good news is I discovered their secret, and Im going to share it with You.

Redken Shot phase – this is a series of hair shots for salon use, but I got them for homeuse through Basically its suuuuper strong treatments that You normally pay $$$ for at the hairdresser. First you apply the treatment shot and after 5-10 minuts you spray it with a PH-phase and Then wash it out immidiatly. The Shot Phix brings your hair back to its natural PH phase as Well as locking the treatment shot within your hair. I mix the Extreme and all soft treatment and then spray it with Shot Phix for chemically damaged hair. It leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy for 6-8 weeks

Its important you get the right treatment, if you’re not sure which one you should get ill be happy to help you, just send me an email! This stuff is amazing. 

Rome Part II

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

This was such a weird and funny day. I was considering if I should share this, but here it goes. I had just arrived at the Vatican which was the first stop of many planned, as mentioned I really wanted to give you a Rome guide which included taking lots of pictures today. So – i’m standing in front of the Vatican, just about to take pictures for this blog when I suddenly feel something on my head, my hair turned wet and everyone is looking at me, there was several thousands infront of the vatican, and lets just say a hundred of them was now taking pictures of me instead of the Vatican. Turns out a bird decided to do serious business on my head! They say its luck to get pooped on by a bird, im pretty sure it didn’t feel like luck in that exact moment but since it happened in front of the Vatican I think it’s accurate to call it holy luck!

Anyways, these pictures is all I got for you today – that and me with poop in my hair.

Rome part I

After a crazy wedding which went on until 6am I finally arrived at the hotel Im going to be staying at until Sunday. Its right in the city center near the spanish stairs in these pictures. The hotel is called Numbs Luxury Suites, it’s placed in a tiny street and only consists of 6 rooms – it’s beautiful and has so much character.

Processed with VSCOcam with n2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with n2 preset

Since I went to an international university in London where 97% of the students is from all over the world, I have a lot of friends in Italy. My Friend Maria kindly wrote me a list of places I need to visit, not your typical tourist attractions but secret places only locals knows about. One of the places is a secret garden restaurant which Im so excited to be visiting tonight with a group of friends. Im definitely going to write you a Rome guide after this trip to share these magical places with you. Rome has a lot to offer, there is so many restaurants and places to see, however it’s hard to find the really magical and secret places. With Maria’s help I’m sure this trip is going to be a huge experience.