How to use corrector makeup!

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Igår filmet jeg hele kvelden for å lage en video om corrector sminke til dere! Av en eller annen grunn endte videoen opp med å ha en rød tone så da får jeg bare forsøke igjen daaaa. Med andre ord, så vet jeg veldig godt hva kvelden idag skal brukes på. Først skal jeg på min nye favoritt aktivitet med Wulff’en nermere betegnet BARRYS BOOTCAMP! og så er det rett hjem og lage video til dere.

Har du prøvd corrector sminke? Ved få enkle steg er det mulig å skjule porer i huden, mørke områder under øynene, kviser, hud som er rødpigmentert – ja du kan til og med få øynene til å synes større ut. PÅ bildene over har jeg benyttet meg av alle triksne i boka, og jeg gleder meg til å dele dem med dere. Der skjer også andre spennende ting med bloggen, videoerne skal nemlig ikke bare deles her men også på en annen platform som jeg skal ha et lite samarbeid med, men mer om det senere!

Håper dere får en fin dag, si endelig ifra om dere ønsker inlegg om noe spesifikt.


Last night I was up filming all night but for some reason my videos turned out to have a red tone. I have no idea how that happened but it’s so annoying since I was hoping to have it done for you today. In other words, I have to spend this evening making videos. So be patient, I’ll have them ready for you asap!

I recently started working out at Barry’s Bootcamp and I love it so much. I work out with one of my best friends and it makes it so much easier to be consistent. If you need work-out motivation I really recommend teaming up with one of your best friends. Preferable some one thats at the same athletic level as you so you don’t feel like a total retard like I would with some of my gym-freak friends haha.

In these pictures I’ve used corrector makeup, which means i’ve tried to hide enlarged pores, red skin, blemishes, dark circles and enlarged my eyes. I’ll show you how to do it in my next videos. There’s some exciting stuff going on with this blog since my next videos will not only be showed here but also on another major platform that Im going to collaborate a bit with.

Please let me know if there’s any topics you would like me to cover on this blog. Im so happy that each and everyone of you is following!


Kitchen Decisions

Ieeeek, my kitchen is coming along and in 10 days time my dad will travel from Denmark to Norway to install everything. Getting the kitchen in place will be a major relief and enable me to focus my thoughts on the other 6 rooms I have left..yep, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a huge livingroom, the hallway and my walkin (!!!!) still needs major attention.

Deciding every detail takes much more time than I would have thought. I literally spend 5-6 hours this weekend just picking out ceiling lamps for every room. It’s hard to buy semi-permanent decor like ceiling lamps when you haven’t really decided the “look” in each room yet.

I splurged a little bit and bought two Jielde lamps, they are the same as you can see in the bottom picture to the right in my collage. I love the industrial look and you get so much value for your money with Jielde, the quality is outstanding. My mom have them all over her house, and she’s my interior guro, so I copied her a bit. Talking about my mom, she’s launching her own bedding collection in 2016 and it’s AWESOME. I can’t wait to show you. I have so much respect for women who follow their dreams, and this have certainly been a dream of hers for as long as I can remember.

Final question, should I go for a matte black or a white stone countertop on my Kitchen? The kitchen itself is from HTH and it’s the same as see in the first two pictures of the collage. I think im leaning towards the matte black.

Essie forever

Ingrid was wearing such a beautiful color on her nails the other day, so I convinced her to let me borrow her new ESSIE colors! Here’s the products I tried (i’m not sure im giving Them back to her)

Let me just start out with the starter scrub – this has such a nice scent and it made my hands so so so soft. I never had a hand scrub before But i definetely just got a new step in my beauty routine. After i started renovating my flat my hands have definetely needed a little extra attention – this product made my hands super soft again!

Here’s a closer look at the colors. I went for the purple-black’ish color in front. I’ve always loved black nailpolishes and this one was a Nice twist.

What I love about it:

1. You only need one coat and the polish dry almost immidiatly. For an impatient person like me this is so important since I always end up with nailpolish in my hair and everywhere else if it takes too long to dry.

2. It looks lile shellac and it feels Like it too, which makes me think that this Will last for a long time before my nails needs a touchup. Definetly a plus when you dont have too much time for pampering! 

The shade im wearing is called Frock’n Roll, im also wearing the gold shade in leggy legend on one of my fingers as you Can see! Get these if you want long lasting nail polish in cool shades! I will have to Update my nailpolish collection with new ESSIE shades after trying these.

Btw, am I the only one who finds it hard to pull of lipstick as a blonde? I feel to barbie’ish in pinks, red doesnt really work for me as an every Day shade and Nudes Makes me look washed out..  I havnt really found a shade that matches me. If you have any tips for lipsticks that works for us blondes please comment below. I envy Ingrid who Can pull of everyyyy color ❤

– em


I can’t be the only one who loves loves looves Adele! This one just made my Friday and I had to share it. Hope you all have a great Friday ❤ This one gives me goosebumps!


Golden eye look for beginners!

I love golden eyeshadow’s and especially creamy ones. I find them so easy to apply, my favourite ones is from Charlotte Tilbury. In general I’m a big Charlotte Tilbury fan, every time I go to London I make sure to stock up on her products. My favourite product of all time is her Filmstar Bronze and Glow Bronzer, but these ones are pretty high up on my list as well.

Eyes To Mesmerise eye-shadows in swatches JEAN and BETTE, Rock’n Kohl in a dreamy brown shade and my Eye Cheat for bigger, brighter eyes. The last product is the only one I use every single day. I spend a long time looking for a pale, light liner to make my eyes pop. I dont like when they have glitter in them as they seem to make my eyes look like disco balls (not in a good way) – this one has just the perfect shade and i’m completely addicted to it.

First I apply the lightest eyeshadow in the color JEAN all over my lid. I also put a little extra into the corners of my eyes to really make them pop. (jeeez, not a big fan of closeups. haha)

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Then I apply the darker shade in the color BETTE, I apply this from the middle and out. They are super easy to blend out which enables you to decide how strong you want the color on your eyes. I’ve blended it a lot, as I wan’t it to be as natural as possible for a subtle look.

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I apply the Rock’n Kohl very softly to only leave a very thin and subtle line. After that I apply my eye-cheat! aaaand, thats it! if that wasn’t easy, then I dont know. If you’re not a big eyeshadow magician this is your way to go, you can’t go wrong with these ones.



Curls in 1-2-3! 

Ever since I bought my HotTools gold barrel in 2010, soft curls have been my favorite look. Here’s how I do it – and how I make them last for days. 

 Before curling my hair. Ive put in some clip-on extensions to make my hair longer. I dont like to wear my clip-on’s straight as it looks fake really fast (or atleast i think so, but hey! I used to be addicted to extensions)

  I use the GHD heat protection spray to limit the heat damage on my own hair 

 I twirl my hair around the barrel, hold it for 10 seconds and use these clips to hold the curl tight. You can also use bobbypins. This is the most important step. Keeping the hair in the clip until its cooled of will ensure Curls that will last you for days!! I usually part my hair into 6 sections which means I only make 6 Curls in total.


 Straight out of the clips this is how the Curls look. The thick HotTools barrel makes them really soft but I like them Even softer, so I gently brush them out with my hairbrush



Final look! The best thing about this hair-do?? It only takes a couple of minutes and then you’re ready to go. 


My lash secret

Say hi to my holy grail which Will make your lashes super long and thick. M2 Beaute Lash Serum! I used to use this religiously But At some point I stopped because my lashes was so long I had to cut them. After loosing my lashes after trying a Lash Lift I started with this again – and let me just say, it’s the Best product ever. There is a lot of serums on the market that are created to make your lashes longer, but please be carefull and dont just buy the first one you find. I recommend doing a little research since some lash serums contains a dangerous protein which can damage your eyes / change your eye-color, these are especially lash serums that you buy outside Europe. The one im recommending is completely safe, it doesn’t contain any ingredients that can hurt your eyes, it’s a European brand which means they have to live up to all the European standards, testing and requirements.

You have to be religious about it and use it everyyyyy Night, But you’ll already start seeing results after a week.

TIP: If you love eyelash extensions, you can still use this product as is doesn’t contain oil, thus it won’t damage your extensions. Instead it will make your natural lashes stronger so they don’t break from lash extensions.


Here’s my lashes after a month from the side, there’s no mascara on Them or anything. The serum also Makes your lashes curl up naturally.

This is a bit pricey (around 1200 NOK / 100 £) but if you do decide to get it, im sure youll love it just as much as me. You can get it here

Have a great Tuesday girls,

– em

9 things 

Since I have a lot of new followers (thanks to Ingrid who tipped her readers about me) I thought I would share 9 funny/weird/random things about myself for You to Get to know me better. Please comment or send me an email If there’s anything you would like to see on this blog! I have a lot planned for this blog starting tomorrow.

1.  When I was 5 years old my kindergarden teacher told my parents that when i grow up im either going to be a mess or do great things. Im still growing up and i havnt really done anything great But I live by those words every Day. I belive She ment that there is never an inbetween with me, either i do something fully or i dont do it at all.

2. When I finished highschool I packed my bags and bought a one Way ticket to the states. I lived in San Diego for a couple of years and it’s the Best thing I ever did for myself.

3. Even as an adult I would still choose my mom above anyone else in life. My mom is my idol. I Adore her and I cant imagine my life without her.

4. I’m an introvert and I dont enjoy Big crowds. I wish it was different.

5.  I Lived in London for Two years after I moved back from San Diego. London is great But i left my heart in San Diego.

6.  I dont have a filter, I say whatever I Think in that exact moment… Which Can lead to very akward situations. Hahaha

7. Ive lived 20 different places since i Moved out from my childhood home 7 years ago. I love Living in a suitcase. I bought my first home one Month ago and im still Dead scared about being comitted to just one place. I wonder how long it Will last.

8. Im super competitive and loosing is not an option. I get that from my dad!

9. My name is actually nadja-emilie, But I never felt like being Nadja, I only use Emilie.

– tune in tomorrow for more updates, have a lovely night everyone xx

In A Split Second


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Her om dagen så jeg en reklame på trikken som traff rett i hjertet, og som jeg mener det er veldig viktig å sette fokus på. Denne bloggen har til nå mest handlet om beauty og andre “overfladiske” ting men nå vil jeg ta op et emne som er veldig viktig.

Livet kan bli snudd på bare få sekunder. Allt blir annerledes, allt blir utrolig tomt. For noen år siden døde en nær venn av meg, jeg husker fortsatt opkaldet jeg fikk og at hjertet mitt banket så fort og så hardt at jeg trodde det skulle slutte å slå av sorg. Opkallet varte bare noen sekunder for jeg måtte legge på, jeg klarte ikke å puste, å tenke eller gjøre noe som helst annet enn å gråte. Min kjære, fine, smarte og morsomme venn hadde tatt livet sitt den kvelden. Det er en veldig rar følelse det der, at noen er her og så blir de plutserlig borte. Jeg vet ikke om det hadde vært enklere å takle om det hadde vært en ulykke, for det kjennes umulig å forstå akkurat der og da, at noen kan føle seg så ensom, at de velger å avslutte det som burde være det fineste i verden – livet. 

Kvelden før hadde jeg fått en melding av han som så mange ganger før. Når jeg ser tilbake nå, så skrev han annerledes enn han pleide. Vi hadde ofte lange, dype samtaler hvor vi delte mange tanker, men han var ikke et menneske som ofte fortalte at han var glad i meg, men jeg visste alltid at jeg betydde mye for han.

“Miss you. And I’m very proud of all you’re doing now” – var det siste han skrev. Det var bare noen timer før han tok livet sit. I tiden etterpå fannt jeg ut han hadde skrevet noen siste ord til alle de han var glad i, slik han skrev til meg. For alle andre kan det virke som en normal måte å avslutte en samtale på, nå som jeg ser tilbake vet jeg at det var hans måte å ta avskjedd. Jeg har ordene hans med meg hver dag, det betydde mye at han var stolt av meg dengang for jeg var et sted i livet hvor jeg forsøkte å finne en vei i livet og det var ikke enkelt. Ordene hans betyr like mye fortsatt. Det gjør fortsatt vondt, at jeg aldri fikk muligheten til å svare på meldingen hans.

Når et menneske har et ønske om å ta sitt eget liv så tror jeg ikke at personen innerst inne virkelig vil dø. Jeg tror at personer som ønsker å ta sitt eget liv er så desperat etter å komme seg vekk fra den intense smerten der og da at det virker som den eneste og siste utveien. –

Nå vet jeg at han slet mye mer enn noen av oss trodde – og jeg er så lei meg for jeg ikke fikk fortalt han, at jeg var og er innmari stolt av han også. Det var ingen av oss som var tettest på han som hadde sett dette komme. Noenganger tenker jeg at om vi hadde vært mer opmerksomme, lagt mer vekt på de tingene han noen ganger sa, i en morsom tone, men som egentelig var et råp om hjelp – at kankskje, bare kanskje, kunne vi ha hjulpet han. 

Det er vanskelig å tenke på, at han har hatt det så vanskelig at livet føltes umulig å leve. Noenganger finner jeg trøst i at det var hans egen beslutning, det var hans valg. Andre ganger tenker jeg at det ikke er noen trøst, for det var et valg som vi eller noen kanskje kunne ha hjulpet han til ikke å ta.

Alle kjenner noen som har det tøft, kanskje du ikke tenker over hvor tøft de egentlig har det? Det er så viktig med profesjonell hjelp hvis du eller noen du kjenner sliter med selvmords tanker. Selvmord bør ikke være den siste utveien, noen kan hjelpe deg til å ønske livet igjen. Jeg synes MentalHelseUngdom gjør en viktig og nødvendig jobb med sin levekampanje. Jeg håper du vil støtte den også, så vi sammen kan gjøre en forskjell for våre kjære som vi ikke vil miste. Livet er det fineste vi har, selvom det til tider kan føles tungt. Sammen kan vi sikre, at forhåpentlig ingen ser selvmord som den siste utvei i fremtiden.

Tommy dødde 23 april, 2012. Jeg tenker fortsatt på han hver eneste dag. tommy


//This entry is in Norwegian, It’s a personal entry about loss and suicide supporting a Norwegian campaign about mental health.

Sunday Break

These days My outfits is mainly renovating clothes and basic office clothes. The renovation of my flat is a lot more exhausting than I was prepared for, it’s so much work when you’re renovating every inch of a flat. Today I just wanted to feel Like “myself” again which didnt include my dusty renovation clothes. Sunday’s are really meant for me-time, Thinking and preparing for a Monday that always begins way too early.


Outfit is all Zara