Curls in 1-2-3! 

Ever since I bought my HotTools gold barrel in 2010, soft curls have been my favorite look. Here’s how I do it – and how I make them last for days. 

 Before curling my hair. Ive put in some clip-on extensions to make my hair longer. I dont like to wear my clip-on’s straight as it looks fake really fast (or atleast i think so, but hey! I used to be addicted to extensions)

  I use the GHD heat protection spray to limit the heat damage on my own hair 

 I twirl my hair around the barrel, hold it for 10 seconds and use these clips to hold the curl tight. You can also use bobbypins. This is the most important step. Keeping the hair in the clip until its cooled of will ensure Curls that will last you for days!! I usually part my hair into 6 sections which means I only make 6 Curls in total.


 Straight out of the clips this is how the Curls look. The thick HotTools barrel makes them really soft but I like them Even softer, so I gently brush them out with my hairbrush



Final look! The best thing about this hair-do?? It only takes a couple of minutes and then you’re ready to go. 


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