LVL lash lift review

This summer i’ve been trying not to wear makeup at all, I really wanted to give my skin, lashes and hair a proper break. Since I made myself a promise that I actually managed to keep during the summer, I decided to treat myself with the LVL lash lift i’d be wanting to try for months.

LVL stands for length, volume and lift. Its supposed to curl your lashes, give them a tint, more volume and length for 6-8 weeks. I have naturally long lashes and they are not too shabby in regards to volume either actually.

Here’s a picture of a great LVL lash lift (this is with no mascara, they’ve just been tinted)


Now, since this is an honest beauty blog I want to tell you about the less fortunate experiences as well.. First i loved this treatment But now i’ve changed my mind completely, my lashes are literally falling out like crazy after just a few weeks and I can count the once i haft left to 20 (an average person have around 80-100 lashes on each eye)

In other words, this is far more damaging than eyelash-extensions. I wish they would tell you so instead of writing “not damaging at all” but i guess that wouldnt do their business any good. This is my own personal experience, everyone might have different opinions but if you ask me, i wouldn’t do it again. Im starting out with an eyelash serum instead to make them grow back.

I guess im back to square one, my lashes definitely need a detox at this point.




Building A Home

liv1 Untitled-6

1st of September I bought my first home and it still feels completely surreal. I’ve been looking at more than a 100 flats, been in bidding rounds on more than 20 of them and spend numerous hours looking for a home. I had almost given up and then suddenly it happened – I had somewhere to call home. Renting and buying is two completely different things, when you buy something and invest millions, you want it to be perfect!

My flat is a classic flat with high ceilings, beautiful ceiling decorations and large rooms. However its a bit worn out since the current owner haven’t dont anything the past 20 years. I’m getting a whole new kitchen and bathroom, beautiful traditional wood floors and painting all the rooms. The decoration part is what im looking most forward to, above I’ve made a little inspiration board for you guys. Im in love with everything and it’s so hard to decide what I want to go for. Luckily I have amazing help in my mom who is an amazing interior designer along side my dad who is going to build my kitchen and bathroom. Parents really are the best!

Can’t wait to take you with me on my home building journey, im sure its going to be splendid!